Top 10 Empowering Songs for WOMEN & GIRLS

Top 10 Empowering Songs for WOMEN & GIRLS

Setting the vibe & mood is essential to create a Vision Board that manifests. When we look to get ourselves into the mindset of “ I am here for a purpose!” its helpful to have an uplifting playlist to keep you vibrating high… You may also be the type who likes & needs silence. Whichever is your jam, here are the top 10 songs we recommend. 

  1. Koryn Hawthown - Unstoppable
  • When you need to be reminded that you are unstoppable
    • Christian Aguilera - Reflection
    • Remember Mulan? Take a note from her on how we all want to be loved for who we truly are. 
      • Speak to ME - Koryn Hawthorn
      • GOd wants to be at the top of your list. 
      • Roar - Katy Perry
      •  We are all champions. Every. Dang. day! 
        • Alicia Keys - Superwoman
        • To be reminded that we are superwomen not matter what life throws at us.
          • The Climb - Miley Cirus 
          • Even when we can't see things clearly, we have to keep climbing. 
            • Beautiful - Christina Aguilera
            • Christina just sings to the soul here that we are beautiful, no matter what the world of social media tells us.
              • Andra Day - Rise UP
              • When we are faced with adversity, we will rise up.  Again & again.
                • When you believe - Whitney Hoursont ft mariah carey
                • We have to deeply believe to receive the miracles meant for our life.
                  • Alicia Keys - Girl on fire
                  • When we are grounded, we make change, we move mountains, we walk on fire.


                    Happy Manifesting!!

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