3 ways to manifest

3 ways to manifest


Eh, A Vision Board. It's one of those things I know I should probably do but also one of those things I have no idea how to do.

All I know is it's a board that you put images on of what you want. Sounds simple.

Before I made my Vision Board in 2016 I was recently removed from college, partying, had no idea what i wanted to do. Until, I taught myself about manifestation & training the subconscious mind to obtain and grow in a direction that was real to me.

Since creating my board in 2016, when i was living at home with my parents, driving uber and on welfare over 70% of my Vision Board has manifested. I've created a movement around Vision, spoken on national stages & featured across multiple media outlets such as Essence Magazine, CBS & ABC.

Now, you’re probably wondering yeah that's cool but how did you do it? 

Let me tell you my approach,

The tangible things we want, like the fancy car, the healthy relationship, the promotion & lots of money often won't happen just because you put it on the board. In order to obtain external things you must develop the mindset to obtain it. 

Meaning, 80% of what we want in life is mental. So it's imperative we create & define the future we want to experience. 

Now, the thing about Vision boards is only you will know what the internal shifts you need to make. The ones that are between you, your thoughts, your emotions & God in order to manifest.

Here are 3 ways to Create a Vision Board that will Manifest: 

  1. Consider where you’re at emotionally & spiritually. 
  • for a vision board to actually manifest you need to have a sense of where you’re at so you can know what to do to get where you want to go. By no means do you stand stuck in where you are and allow your limiting beliefs hold you back but instead address them, so you can move through them. They don't just go away because we want to act like their not there, they must be considered when creating your Vision Board.
  1. Ask yourself WHY.
    • Every image you select should have a Why behind it. What's the motive? How will i feel when i receive this? Will I be fulfilled? Am i doing this because its what i want or what others want for me? This is imperative because as you mediatie on your board you need to know the deeper why behind the images you select. & remember, when you’re coming up with your why you don't have to explain it to No one. 
    1. Don’t Rush
      • Never think you must finish your vision board in 1 sitting. It should never be rushed. Putting images on your board just because does not lead to the vision for your life. Take time, revisit it but DO NOT shelf it ( forget about it ). Put a timeframe on yourself to meditate on what you want to see for yourself in the future, why its important to you & find the images that reflect that part of you.

        So Those three steps will help you create a Vision board with intention. We can not predict the future but we can plan for it. Your vision Board is your plan for the future. Go after it, believe it in & watch how amazing the power of the subconscious mind is.

        Happy Manifestation! 

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