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Design Your Destiny with The Vision Box

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Flip though the Vision Within Workbook and uncover your highest self with 4 interactive exercises and 100+ affirmations & images to ignite inspiration and action.

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What you focus on grows. Writing down your goals and living in gratitude consistently creates a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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Illuminate your path towards greatness - select, cut and paste images that reflect your hopes and goals for the change you wish to see.

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“The Vision Box has been completely inspirational and motivational for myself and the team I lead. We completed the exercises and everyone was blown away. A lot of people have sight, but they do not have Vision - and The Vision Box helped to bring awareness to what we are truly capable of.”

-Mandy S
Corporate Team Leader

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“I didn’t expect The Vision Box to be as transformational as it was. It was truly the catalyst for me to discover my passions and my purpose and ultimately starting my own business. To this day, I attribute most of my mindset and personal growth to creating my first Vision Board with The Vision Box.”

-Machaela S.
Former Collegiate Athlete


“With The Vision Box, I feel like I’m more prepared and more excited to chase after what I want. I see my Purpose as something greater than where I am and what I am doing now”

-Sammi W.
Former Collegiate Athlete

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“My son is an aspiring high level athlete and at 14, he has big dreams and a work ethic to match. It's so important that his goals are his own, and for him to be working on self-awareness and personal development along with his athletic skills. The Vision Box provided exercises to build that awareness with a strong foundation of intention around his goals. His Vision Board now sits on his dresser as a Visual reminder and representation of who he is becoming and I couldn’t be more excited for him.”

-Erin C.
Parent of High School Athlete

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“Creating my Vision Board with The Vision Box really refocused me on my goals and I’m excited to continue to work towards them and watch them come to life.”

-Isaiah C.
High School Athlete

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“The Vision Box has shown me that if I focus more on who I am and who I want to become, with this Vision Board, those things will come.”

-Trinity B.
Former Collegiate & Pro Athlete

Choose Your Collection

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The Vision Box is here to help the people on your team or organization step into their next 365 days with Clarity, Focus and Imagination.

Time to Create!
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The Vision box is here to help young women set aside the digital distractions and peer pressures. Their future is at their fingertips.

Start Dreaming!
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Give your Athletic Department or Team everything they need to become the Captains & Champions of their future with The Vision Box.

Game Time!
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Maximize your Mission and meet the needs of your members & audience with a completely customized version of The Vision Box.

Give the Gift of Vision!

How to Use The Vision Box

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100+ boxes

Get in the Game, Make your Mark and Maximize Your Mission by designing an experience with The Vision Box that will take your Impact to the Next Level.

  • Back to School
  • Community Events
  • Conferences
  • New Members
  • Team-Building
  • Custom Workshops
  • Peer-to-Peer Leadership
  • New Hires
  • Graduations
  • Recruitment & Retention
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Hey Visionaries!

Morgan Jones, here. As a former D1 and Professional Athlete-turned Speaker and Entrepreneur, my team of Former Athletes have joined together to help you discover & affirm your path, voice & Purpose in life! High-level competition taught us the value of perseverance, hard work, and sacrifice. However, it wasn't until we transitioned into our post-athletic lives that we were called to dig deeper within ourselves to fulfill our greater purpose and help others do the same. This led to the creation of products and services that have assisted over 10,000 Former Athletes, High-Achievers and Bold Young People in cultivating innovative and daring ideas. The Vision Box features exercises that combine Intentionality, Visualization, and Gratitude to help you win the game of life by transforming your deepest desires into LIVED EXPERIENCES. We can’t wait to witness your success as you Design your Destiny with The Vision Box.

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